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Key holder is the person who has all keys of your store or office that might include keys of cash register. He holds an important position as he manages all keys of the store or office and opening and closing of store depends upon his presence. The key holder, as the name implies, holds the keys to the business - and in the case of a retail organization. He is sometimes called as third key as he has control over accessing different parts of office.

Key holders have great responsibilities and duties as they are responsible for the security of office and its operating time. Key holder holds a good position in management and is responsible for many decisions regarding store. There might be case that a key holder is not corporate employee but a security official. But if it’s a corporate employee then his duties may cover several things like opening and closing the store, decisions regarding purchase and maintenance of stock, dealing with vendors, keeping track of accounts and customer satisfaction. He may also have to keep record of the paper work of store and help store inventory. There might be some more responsibilities related to security of the store.

Key holder also enjoys some facilities too. The most obvious advantage of becoming a holder is that you will make more money. Those who hold the keys to a store or business typically work on salary in lieu of an hourly wage.  You as get a nice position in company and management sees you as a leader.

If stores make a person key holder from security services then the roles are different. Security companies take the responsibility of your store’s security and then you give the keys of your store to them. This is generally done in case of alarm monitoring when the security personals have to react immediately to the alarm distress and can’t wait for you to come up to the store and then open it as sometimes it may be late. They under pre-defined terms and conditions take the keys to limited areas of your store like front gate, cubicles etc so that they can reach in some emergency. They respond on alarm distress and visit your place and do a quick check. On completing the call, a report of incident call will be provided that includes the date and time of call, their arrival and departure time and the action taken on the call. They will reset the alarm before their departure.

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Responsibilities of Key Holder

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Responsibilities of Key Holder

This article was published on 2011/06/25