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BURBERRY promised to open more stores in China, after the company maintained a double-digit second-quarter sales growth. Ended September 30 of the last half of the fiscal year, the British fashion retailer to achieve this 18% sales growth, gross profit margin also increased, therefore, Anji, CEO of La Lenze (A ngel aAhrendts ) slightly raised its full-year profit forecast.


"Given the strong performance in the second half of last year, we expect the fiscal year adjusted profit before tax, will be located above the median market expectations." She said.


Prior to the latest data released on Wednesday, analysts Burberry pre-tax profit for the fiscal year is expected to be 240 to 270 million pounds (combined 380 million to 428 million U.S. dollars) between. Burberry red, black, beige fabrics and Plaid products sold worldwide known fashion.


After half of the fiscal year, Burberry Outlet has a total of 164 stores, 171 leased-trade outlets, 45 discount stores and 55 franchise stores. Expected in the second half of the average worldwide increase of 25% will shop area, where more than half will come from China, the main channel is acquired stores and new store openings.


July, the company said, is to 70 million pounds buy-back distribution rights in China, the acquisition agreement will enable them to make the mainland control of 50 stores. As of August 31, the company has taken over 50 stores in 43, the handover of the remaining seven are expected to be completed within the next few months.


Burberry said that the right to repurchase transactions may be in operation this fiscal year for the company to increase up to 20 million pounds of operating profit. During this period, the acquisition of store sales increase of more than 25% over the same period last year.


Burberry Coats sales (including this fall's hot bomber jacket) helps companies to first-half retail sales increased from 294 million pounds to 3.66 billion pounds. Large leather goods shop sales help stores more than one year retail sales increased 9%. Burberry wool also from the high-heeled boots popular benefit.

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News About BURBERRY From The "Financial Times"

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This article was published on 2010/11/20