Navigating the Supermarket

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When navigating the supermarket the best plan is to shop the perimeters first. The majority of supermarkets are set up in a similar fashion. Perhaps there is a reason or it may be just for convenience. Even so most supermarkets will do anything they can to help you the consumer buy as much as possible.

Basically, the perishable items, which also tend to be the healthiest items, are around the perimeter of the store. Produce, Dairy, and the butcher blocks are all around the edges. The healthiest foods, meaning whole, less processed, and often even less expensive foods are around the perimeter. Most stores will also set up sales at the edges of the aisles so as you are walking around you will see the bargains.

In the middle of the store is where you will find the canned goods, boxed goods, and all of the highly processed foods including cookies, candies, potato chips, beverages and more. Usually these tend to be closer to the produce side of the store.

On over you will find the paper products, cleaning products and beauty products. Usually towards the front and side of the store is where you will find the pharmacy and if the store has an in store bank it is also usually also towards the front and the side.

Some stores will have their frozen section in the middle, while others will have it on the far side opposite the produce aisle. Occasionally there is a supermarket that will have both a refrigerated section on the outside and the frozen section in the middle.

The best plan is to shop the perimeters for all the perishables first and then move on to the inside of the store. That way you will be sure that you are loading up on the healthiest items first. If you are trying to get the highest nutritional value for your grocery budget try to stay away from the middle of the store as much as possible. The highest nutrition items are on the perimeter. Most of the stuff in the middle is processed and boxed and not really the healthiest foods for your body.

If you search out the ads and the coupons first you can usually go right to the items that you want to buy and avoid the impulse shopping that tends to derail your grocery budget.

If you check out most of the stores in your area you will soon find out which ones have the lowest prices and which ones will accommodate you the best when you are using your coupons and rebates.

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Navigating the Supermarket

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This article was published on 2010/04/02