Attract crowds in the January Sales with Bluetooth marketing

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It might seem like business is booming in January, since every store on the high street seems to be heaving with shoppers eager to find a bargain in the sales. Whether you are operating in a town centre or a shopping mall, at a glance it seems like you are doing a roaring trade, with every isle packed in your store – chances are you are selling a large amount of products compared to some slower months in the year, and you will not have any trouble keeping the tills busy, for a few weeks at least.

The question is, though, are the crowds that are visiting the shops finding the stock that you want to shift? It is all very well selling a few things in season at a slight discount – you probably could have sold some of them anyway, even without the massive sales signs in your windows. The reason that some items are bargains when it comes to the January Sales is that they are generally items that the store wants to get rid of. Perhaps they are reaching the end of their shelf life; perhaps they will not be in fashion for too much longer; perhaps they are just not selling particularly well at other times of the year and the shops have built up a surplus – your store needs to find a way of advertising these cheaper goods to the public in order to ensure that they are being sold, and you are taking advantage of bargain hunters.

Bluetooth proximity marketing is one way to do this. You can advertise sale items on your website, and people will order them online to be delivered to their homes; fewer people check the website of a shop they are going to visit before they do, so it is likely that most people walking into your building or rooms are going to be unaware of what bargains there are that they could be interested in. You can get around this with proximity marketing.

When a shopper steps inside, a message will be delivered directly to their mobile phone via Bluetooth, as long as they have it enabled on their phone and have set it to discoverable. This message can be specially designed full colour multimedia content, or simply a link to a mobile website, which can detail the offers that are available in-store that you want to direct your customers towards. Bluetooth marketing systems can be kept up to date remotely across all stores you own, or only in one store if you prefer, which ensures that you are advertising exactly what you want to sell to the customer at all times for little cost to yourself.

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Bluetooth marketing services like JungleDrum can advertise specific stock to customers already in your store, so you know you are selling exactly what you need to get rid of.

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Attract crowds in the January Sales with Bluetooth marketing

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Attract crowds in the January Sales with Bluetooth marketing

This article was published on 2012/01/04