4 Dollar Store Marketing Ideas

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Success with dollar stores involves meeting many challenges head-on. One of the most important is associated with dollar store marketing. To many this is just extra activity that isn't required. After all, with the great values offered, aren't dollar stores in a league of their own? Won't shoppers fill the store? Won't sales grow without a defined marketing plan? While it would be nice if this were the case, success with dollar stores, just as with other business, requires a well thought out and executed marketing plan. That plan must be filled with results-producing actions, each supporting business results.

Read on for 4 dollar store marketing ideas that are quick and easy to implement. Best of all, they can produce great results for your business.

1. Shopper recognition programs

At one time shopper recognition programs were reserved for the big chain stores. It might have been a customer recognition event, or a punch card filled as purchases accumulated. Well, add your store to the list recognizing shoppers for their purchases. Your program can be simple, but with the right promotion and follow-through it can produce new shoppers and growing average sales for your store. Whether it is one of the above ideas, or just a week filled with events and great prices, add shopper recognition to your list of dollar store marketing ideas.

2. One-time deals

Success with dollar stores requires both adding new customers as well as taking actions to build the size of the average sale. This marketing idea will do both. It requires footwork on your part, but there are always great deals to be found with enough effort. You are looking for products not normally found in dollar stores. These are the higher priced and/or brand name products normally found in the well-known retailers. Look to liquidation and closeout companies. Add your name to their newsletters and updates and routinely examine their inventory. Soon a gem will emerge. It will be a smaller quantity of a product. Possibly it is a package change, or an inventory adjustment. The price will be right and your shoppers will be thrilled.

3. Attention-grabbing displays

That's right, something as simple as eye-grabbing displays can have a big impact on your sales. Learn to create end caps and bulk displays that are properly faced-up. Add proper signage and maybe even a banner or two to draw shoppers in for a closer look. When you have mastered this technique you will see items selling out more quickly. That means higher sales for your store.

4. Brighten the outside of your store

This is such a simple idea. Yet this is one many who seek success overlook. Add brightly colored banners, flags, signs and displays to the front of your store. A word of caution; check local regulations and make sure your lease allows the actions you plan to take. Somehow the site of small flags or banners blowing in the wind just draws people in for a closer look. And then having displays of brightly colored products sitting beside the doors brings many into your store.

To your success with dollar stores!

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4 Dollar Store Marketing Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/12/05